Loans Against Bank Guarantees, Letters Of Credit, Cmo’s And Medium Term Notes

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StoneRock Capital Group, LLC culture emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. As a meritocracy we reward talent and innovation rather than position, and encourage development. We apply an intellectual rigor to every.

For many business owners, the prospect of borrower money by means of non-conforming loans can be enticing – reaping the rewards of years of hard work, to take advantage of a high point in the market, perhaps looking forward to enjoying retirement – but the process of finding a suitable lender can also seem daunting. Regardless of your reason or reasons for considering a loan, StoneRock Capital Group, LLC is the right firm to help you achieve your objective.

One of our current loans programs is designed for those who have bank instruments:

Term 1-3 Years Terms
Lending Area Worldwide
Collateral Type Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Medium Term Notes Collateral Debt Obligations (‘CMO’)

Loan Size $30 Million and up
Interest Rate Between Libor plus 3 Basis Points to Libor plus 5 Basis Points
Amortization Interest Only with no prepayment penalty
Loan to Value 40% to 95% Depending on Instrument
Funding Fee Between 0% and 2% taken at closing
Closing Terms Closing as fast as 2 days

NOTES: Larger loans may have to be funded in tranches. We fund our loans within 12-72 hours of settlement of the bank instrument. Bank Instrument must be rate A or better, client must be in possession of the instrument (We do not accept leased instruments).

We offer business owners seven distinct options for exploring their non-conforming needs. In all cases, our professional team is dedicated to completing a successful transaction for your business.

StoneRock Capital Group, LLC is a private lending institution and investment company dedicated to closing short term non-conforming loans. StoneRock recognizes the fact that each borrower presents unique circumstances and therefore places emphasis on innovation and efficiency, while working closely with clients to ensure project funding. StoneRock does not charge up front fees, and delivers the highest fixed rates loan quality for non-conforming loans

Specializing in short term non-conforming loans, StoneRock is a leader in the realm of direct lending. With closing times typically within two weeks, StoneRock benefits clients that want to take advantage of opportunities requiring immediate action as well as clients that are facing financial crisis, such as foreclosure bailout or bankruptcy filing. Commitments are issued within 48 hours, providing our borrowers with assuredness that a banking partner is present. All origination fees, including the commitment fee, are paid at closing.