The 8 Best Iphone Apps For Managing Your Credit Cards

Credit Card

Your iPhone can do so many different things. But if you’re a budget-minded individual who is trying to keep from drowning in debt, you want apps that do more than make funny noises or display cat videos. Like, say, an app that lets you manage your credit card accounts.

Here are the 8 best apps for monitoring your credit cards using your iPhone:

1. Mint

Finally, the comprehensive personal financial management website has created a mobile app for your iPhone. Now, you can get a snapshot of your credit card balances as well as all of your other financial data at the touch of a button.

2. BillMinder

You can have all of the credit card data at your fingertips whenever you want it – but if you still keep forgetting to pay your bills, then these apps don’t do much good. This particular app sends you alerts for when bills are due and helps you keep track of recurring payments.

3. Personal Assistant

Sure, this app puts all of your balances in one place and automatically tracks your credit card accounts. But it can also display your transaction history for each of your credit cards and can even help you stay on top of your frequent flyer miles.

4. DebtTracker Pro

This app does more than just show you how much you owe on your credit cards. It also allows you to set up a monthly payment plan to help you pay down your credit balances and get out of debt quickly and painlessly.

5. SplashMoney

Like the other iPhone apps, this one compiles your credit card and other financial data into one place. But it also has the capability to help you set up a budget to track expenditures, as well as graphically display your spending history so you can identify patterns and make adjustments accordingly.

6. iBank3

For hard-core Apple types, this financial app outshines all others. Not only does it have all of the functionality of the abovementioned apps, but it also syncs seamlessly with your Mac computer – and you get all of the speed and support you’ve come to expect from Apple.

7. American Express

This app does more than just display your Amex balance. It lets you easily monitor your rewards points and also separates your personal accounts from your business accounts while displaying everything on one screen.

8. Discover Card

Yes, you get instant access to your cash back accounts and your credit card balances. But this app gives you the added bonus of letting you sign up for money-saving promotions at the touch of a button!